Project Manager

Project Grader

This is a web-based system for managing and grading students final year projects.

In faculty of computer science and information technology, management of final year project by project coordinator is a daunting task. As a project coordinator in the academic year 2017, I created this project to enable the faculty to manage the final year project efficiently. The system has been used by faculty to manage student project

The system allows students to select a final year project from the pool of project proposed by faculty members. After that, all the project pipeline such as students communication with supervisor, submission of the project, project grading by the supervisor, project grading by defense panel are all integrated into the system. Finally, the system enables project coordinator to collate aggregate student results from each supervisor and the defense results.

Shamsuddeen Hassan Muhammad
Shamsuddeen Hassan Muhammad
PhD Candidate in Computer Science

My research interests include Natural language processing, machine learning and deep learning.

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